Musica Aldente - A touch of Italy at any event!

Just close your eyes & be transported to a street in Rome, a village in Italy, a gondola in Venice.

The mood is romantic, the music is tangy like a good parmesan cheese. This bunch of finely dressed musicians in matching costume, play the Italian classics on Accordion, Trumpet & Percussion.

It's very traditional & cheesy at the same time. Just like a good pasta it all comes together 'aldente'

A big hit at the Australian F1 Grand Prix 2010

Musica Aldente is also known as The "Gondoliers".

For a big noise or very special events we can perform as a 4 or up to a 5 piece.

The music is full of compelling rhythms that include The Tango, The Tarantalla, The Can Can, and Waltzes. Our extensive repertoire includes some of the World’s greatest love songs, well known classical themes and popular tunes.

It's Now or Never, Santa Lucia, Wooden Heart, That’s Amore, & Those were the Days are but a few of the many musical treats of Musica Aldente.

An engaging presence just perfect for corporate functions, cafes, promenades, markets, promotional events, private functions or roving entertainment.