Do you need something different and exciting? Murder mystery theme nights including; Such is Death based on Ned Kelly’s story, The Great Capital Caper for you to travel to the sleazy underworld of Chicago of the 1930’, Not Staying Alive with flared pants, platform shoes, the ABBA songs at the 70’s disco ambience, Greased, Santa Sleighing and much more! They also have a program for younger audience.

· The Great Capital Caper

· The Will to Kill

· Rendezvous with Death

· The Haunted and the Hunted

· Santa Sleighing

· A Night at the Opera

· Carnage in Carnaby Street

· Greased

· Not Staying Alive

· Murder on the High Seas

· There’s No Business like the Death Business

· Such is Death

· Scream Again (for the younger ones)