Some have placed him amongst the world’s leading business futurists. Others refer to him as one of Australia’s most powerful and unforgettable presenters. And while they’re right on both fronts, there’s more than that to Morris Miselowski.

He’s a stirrer, a thinker, and a visionary. He can see what’s coming. And he can tell you how to apply this in a way that’ll drive your business – and its bottom line.

Morris knows that the change we’ll see in the next 10 years will exceed that of the last 100. And he knows that by 2020, 60% of the workforce will be doing tasks that don’t exist, launching products you can only imagine in industries that haven’t been created yet. With his real-life experience in high-level business strategy Morris can translate these future-based insights into game-changing action plans that will work for any company – no matter the size or industry.

It’s a skill he’s honed over his illustrious 30-year career.