One of Australia's best children's entertainers - Mike is a true entertainer, amazing with children and adults alike. He plays 15 unusual instruments, weaves interesting stories from string and juggles - sometimes concurrently!! He will make kids laugh like you wouldn't believe! Mike is also is a wonderful host and MC, and can hold an audience throughout a concert or festival. He has performed at Port Fairy Folk Festival, National Maritime Museum, Fun for Kids Festival, Maritime Museum in Warrnambool, National Folk Festival and many other events and venues. Recording 26 albums - 1 platinum for 'Playmates' and 2 gold for 'Dances for Little Kids' and 'Bunyips, Bunnies and Brumbies' Mike is a captivating and joyful performer, specialising in children's entertainment, also appealing to the young at heart!

Alternative Bio

Probably most famous for his release of ‘Bananas in Pyjamas’ and “Dr Knickerbocker”, Mike Jackson is considered one of Australia’s finest family entertainers.

Originally from England, Mike landed in Australia 30 years ago and began his long career in entertainment. He has entertained in arts venues, schools, kindergartens, festivals and seniors clubs all around Australia, UK, New Zealand and Canada.

Mike has sold over 1/4 million albums and is an’ ABC for Kids’ recording artist. As duos “Mike and Michelle Jackson” and “Mike Jackson and Ian Blake”, his recordings were big ‘hits’ in thousands on households in the 80’s and 90’s – many will have grown up with his music.

Mike Jackson’s numerous music resources are published by Music Sales and Bluegum Music and are readily available in Australia, UK, USA and Europe.