Mike Brady is an entertainer, songwriter, speaker, producer, singer and music writer. Emigrating in the late fifties to Australia, Mike's first professional band gig was with the Phantoms - one of the acts that toured Australia and New Zealand with the Beatles. He soon formed MPD Ltd with Pete Watson and Danny Finley and within weeks had a huge number hit with "Little Boy Sad". He joined Johnny Young's The Company then drifted through a succession of cover groups whilst developing his reputation as a session singer. He had a couple of minor solo hits including "Sympathy" and "Oh Lord Why Lord". His jingle-writing career flourished in the early seventies and he has won numerous awards both here and internationally. These include Clio Award, Cannes Lion, Facts, Television Society, MADC awards and many others.

He is known these days for his uplifting anthems including the enormous hit "Up There Cazaly".

His band 'The Mike Brady Band' are one of Australia's leading corporate and private function acts and have performed all over Australia and overseas for the last twelve years.

His speaking engagements are usually inspirational, talking about his life as a musician/writer. Mike says anyone who has survived the music industry in Australia for over thirty years has a good story. There are parallels in commerce and other industries that can be drawn.

Some of Mike's advertising music jingles have been around for decades.

His film and television credits include Blue Fire Lady, The Club, Loft Off and the Adventures of Chuck Finn