In 1997 Matt Rockman and the brothers Paul and Andrew Bassat, created SEEK. Together they raised a small amount of capital and took on the mighty newspaper companies at their own game. Against all the odds SEEK managed to completely transform the landscape of employment advertising.

They went on to create Australia’s most successful online businesses. SEEK is now an ASX Top 100 Listed company with a market capitalisation of $2 Billion, and with businesses in the UK, China, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia.

Matt left SEEK in 2006 to spend a year overseas and sometime with his family after the gruelling pace of building the business from scratch to market darling of the stock Exchange.

Since then he has made the transition from business builder to sophisticated investor. Matt supports a number of start ups op and is considered to be a true entrepreneur. He enjoys the way markets work and believes real value is created through people as the most important ingredient. Matt also advises and invests in a number of charities due to a sense of wanting to give back.

Matt approaches business and his advice through a lens of no BS and looking for a way to cut through. Matt’s approach is somewhat unconventional learned through some key lessons and principles developed during the SEEK years.

Matt is a man with an exceptional business story. He has experienced the highs and lows in business and knows what it is like to struggle.

He made his post uni start in the family business. This was a challenging environment because what was once quite an established and successful Family business was largely wiped out in the property crash of 1987. Two generations of reputation and value pretty much disappeared.

Matt’s resilience and attitude helped him to overcome the challenges. Realizing that it was time to create something of his own Matt joined the Bassat brothers in creating SEEK.

Born and bred in Melbourne Matt is passionate about business, philanthropy, motorsport, boating and travel.

Matt Rockman holds a Bachelor of Business (Banking and Finance) degree from Monash University.