Major events need major entertainment. Whether it be a festival, fete, shopping centre, office party or large family event, it is important to impress your audiences with high quality family entertainment that adults and children alike will enjoy. Tricky Nick the Magician offers an amazing and amusing family magic show for audiences of any sizes and any age.

In this huge family magic show, Tricky Nick fills the stage with flowers, balloons and super sized fun making him ideal for events and venues where you have big audiences, big stages to fill move or simply require big impact! With eight foot magic wands that appear from nowhere, cartoons that come to life and talk to the audience and plenty of participation where the audience makes the magic happen, Tricky Nick has something for everyone!

Tricky Nick is great fun for children and their parents alike - a rare achievement for any entertainer!

He is more then happy to tailor his show to suit your themes whether it be a shopping centre promotion, fancy dress work function or seasonal event.

Tricky Nick can even act as Master of Ceremonies and tie your family event together.