Intimate Magic

Nigel completed his study in the art of magic at the 'Cirque Fratellini' in Paris. He has over ten years of international professional experience as a comedy magician, and was recently awarded gold at the Australian Magic Awards, confirming Nigel's standing as Australia's most masterful close-up magician. From the depths of his elegant attire Nigel will produce a myriad of ordinary objects that become extraordinary under his spell. Ropes that perform miracles, coins that vanish, things that levitate, transform and execute impossible acts all timed to wonderful comic perfection. Nigel's roving magic will add thrill and polish to any event.

Special Stage Appearance

On a dimly lit stage a fairy light appears. It filters and floats, beckoning its companions to serenade the audience in a magical dance. You will be thrilled and enchanted by Nigel's moonlit manipulation. Then, Nigel will awaken your childhood dreams, transporting you to a magical wonderland where nothing seems impossible. One of Nigel's real-life experiences will be miraculously brought to life, delighting audiences of all ages and filling hearts with magic.

Comedy Magic Show

Nigel is one of Australia's most illustrious comedy magicians. His 20 minute hit show unveiled at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival is now available for bookings. It is this same show that won him gold at the recent Australian Magic Awards. Nigel is wonderfully exasperating; he'll drop burning embers into your jacket, pilfer your wallet and shred your valuable cash - and be careful what you think because he'll read your mind too! Charismatic, charming, with a quick wit and a quicker hand, Nigel will have audiences chuckling and eagerly participating within moments.

Magician & Balloonology

Nigel specialises in magic and balloon sculpturing. His stage show is a combination of comedy and magic with lots and lots of audience interaction. The show is very visual and exciting. He can also create an amazing range of balloon animals and objects, which are given out to lucky members of the audience. Nigel has been performing around Australia professionally for the last nine years.

Children’s Magician & Balloonologist - Nigel

This wonderful magician will amaze, bewilder and actively involve your young audience, bringing a sense of fun, wonder and magic to the occasion. Nigel has a great understanding of what reaches and entertains people from different age brackets and tailors his performance to suit the audience. With colourful juggling and silk, funny magic tricks involving lollies, and expert balloonology, he performs with style and humour and is guaranteed to amuse and bemuse.

Professional, funny, entertaining and great personality! Kerry Whan, Kouka