Developing Exceptional Relationships

One of Australia’s best known communicators, Lynn Champion, shows staff how to deal with workplace challenges and change.

As a behavioural Anthropologist she explores what works, what doesn’t, what matters in business today. Audiences and companies acclaim her practical and motivating strategies to enhance relationships, communication and customer service. LYNN CHAMPION brings years of business research, experience and writing to her conference programs in Australia and overseas. She works with leading companies across all sectors of industry.

“My primary aim is to boost business for companies and create confident staff who are adaptable and effective” says Lynn Champion

Lynn’s conference and workshop programs are informative and motivating. She inspires and entertains with strategies on communication and relationships in Western society and gives staff powerful, practical advice for personal and corporate behaviour.

Content Detail


A fascinating, entertaining and informative presentation

She has developed Sex, Power and Style for different scenarios and different audiences.

For traditional conference presentations:

· Gender differences in the workplace and how to work with them …Sex

· The use and abuse of power in business. … Power

· Differences in communication styles … Style

For after dinner presentations:

· Fascinating facts about colour psychology and relationships … Sex

· The use and abuse of power in business … Power

· Visual credibility … the tips all men and women need to know … Style

Or a combination of these to create your own program.

Lynn Champion’s conference programs are well known for being informative, entertaining and practical. She leads, they laugh, she involves everyone.