Louise is a communication specialist and a proven performer in moving individuals and groups to take positive action through a unique perspective focusing on the unsung wisdom of voice.

With a background in opera (soloists contract Vienna State Opera, Aldeburgh and Salzburg Festivals) as well as a strong business background (PhD, Bachelor of Economics, Master of Applied Management in Service Management and Innovation, Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming, roles in London and BHP in Australia) she has brought the worlds of Art and Business together in a pioneering combination that breaks the barriers of standard communication and begins the process of getting truly behind your mask.

Her energy and enthusiasm for her topic is presented with palpable expertise and large doses of humour, energizing audiences to achieve things they never thought they would and come out better for the experience.

Louise has worked with leaders, managers and business groups, providing education and opportunities for personal and team improvement. Positive results abound in lessons for leadership, presentation, sales and customer service, as well as group activities for teambuilding and the ‘opera of organization’ as a whole.

The practical power of understanding your voice

Most people could not recognise their own voice in a crowd, have no inkling of how it is produced and are bewildered by the thought of changing it. Yet, voice is a critical component of personal presence and voice is a choice. The permutations and combinations of sound are endless and discovering them will have a dramatic impact on your working and personal life. Understanding the power of your voice is an integral part to motivating and inspiring others.

Keynotes & Workshops

Louise is able to tailor her talks and workshops to suit the audience she is presenting to. Some examples include:

Work with your voice to build rapport with clients in emotionally charged customer service interactions.

Use your voice to establish trustworthy and sincere communication in sales relationships.

Take control of your leadership voice to motivate and inspire.

As a women, manage your leadership voice to take your place with power and passion.

Manage yourself physically, mentally and vocally through the media.