Lotus dance troupe perform a wide variety of Middle Eastern dance styles, from the traditional right through to contemporary dance, blending Middle Eastern with Western music. They have been invited to perform at several prestigious occasions. They have also worked in theatrical productions, combining Middle Eastern Dance with Drama.

Choreographer Alia has also been working with various Middle Eastern Dance styles as well as blending them with contemporary dance. She is a member of Ausdance Victoria and MED-Net. She is the most sought after dancer in Melbourne, particularly by the various Middle Eastern/Turkish and Greek communities for weddings and functions, as well as being resident in at least six restaurants.

Lotus can perform a variety of styles from the traditional to the contemporary. All costumes worn by them are totally authentic, and have been imported from the Middle East especially. Please see from the list below as to the dances performed, but please feel free to enquire if there is a specific dance you want that is not listed. All shows can be configured to all situations and budgets


This Cabaret style is performed in the 2-piece costume. This can also incorporate choreographed numbers with swords and / or veils


A blend of Gypsy, Flamenco, Latin American and Arabic dance styles


A style developed mostly in Lebanon and Egypt that blends Middle Eastern Dance with contemporary Western dance styles

Beledi [Folkloric]

Malaya Luf

A cheeky dance from Alexandria (Northern Egypt), usually performed with one male and one female dancer


Egyptian Gypsy style


Egyptian style from the Asyut area, performed with canes (Assaya)


Egyptian/Nubian style from the South


This is a beautiful dance style from the Arabian countries. The costumes are equally beautiful caftans, which are highly decorated


The Shamadan is a dance; it is also referring to the large candelabra that the dancer balances on her head. This ancient Egyptian dance is mostly seen at weddings, but looks spectacular performed anywhere.