Lisa Helen Mitchell was born in England on March the 22nd of 1990, although migrated to Australia at the age of three. She is the eldest of two in a family which resides in the country town of Albury, New South Wales. Her musical journey began at age twelve when she started taking guitar lessons with a focus on rock and folk, but her real exposure came at the age of sixteen when she auditioned for Australian Idol. She quickly received high praise with one judge claiming that she was “the best thing musically that has ever came out of this country.”

Soon after leaving the show, she was offered a couple of recording contracts but rejected the offers, claiming that such an album would be too manufactured. Instead, admirably, Lisa decided to continue developing her craft as both a performer and songwriter, and it was after some time that Lisa felt she was ready to sign with both Scorpio Music and Warner Music, and later with Sony Publishing, all with the support of Dan Hume from Evermore.

In 2007, Lisa’s first EP entitled ‘Said One to the Other’ was released- debuting at number 27 on the Aria charts and number 1 on the Australian iTunes chart. In 2008, Lisa released her second EP ‘Welcome to the Afternoon’, with hit single Neopolitan Dreams reaching number 1 on the Australian iTunes chart. Lisa has toured with the likes of Ben Lee, The Panics, Evermore and Whitely, is about to support Jason Mraz for part of his Australian tour and is currently writing and recording her debut album with Dan Hume- set for release this year.