Lisa is one of Australia's most loved female speakers. Her heart-warming message of inspiration captures hearts and changes lives forever. Lisa's stage presence is unique, being considered by many as master of audience participation. She will surely be among the most exciting and motivating presenters you will ever have on your stage.

Lisa's message is powerful, challenging and convicting.

In a word, Lisa is UNFORGETTABLE!

Lisa Mclnnes-Smith was raised in a family of Sporting Professionals, Through her teen years her two brothers played the International Tennis Circuit, and her father has always been, and still is, at the top level of Seniors in Australia, All through those early years she was determined to understand why some people succeed while others do not.

This determination inspired her to pursue Tertiary Education, specialising in Sports Psychology and Human Performance.

Successful in her career pursuits, Lisa felt a call on her life to make time in her busy Corporate life to get serious about helping improve the lives of others. She developed a simple and effective process of performing at her own peak level. Her first goal to directly help others was the development of an audiocassette to help her friends, and the children of her parents' friends, to set and achieve goals.

Being a lady of few words, this message of encouragement and achievement quickly became two cassettes, and an 80-page workbook! This goal setting program quickly became a National best-seller. This program could very well be the most widely used goal-setting and inspirational program of its type in Australia today. 'Why Wasn't I Told?" is the name of the program.

* We've All Got What It Takes, But Where Is It? * Best Customer Service *

* Making it all happen * Building your team of stars into a star team *

* Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way *

* Building great relationships at work and at home *

* How to thrive, not just survive, in a changing environment

For those that have experienced her, Lisa Mclnnes-Smith is one of Australia's best conference keynote speakers. Right from the time that first program became available to the public, Lisa has accepted many invitations to speak to a wide range of audiences, including Boards of Directors, Sales Teams, Executive Managers, Service Providers, Entrepreneurs and Young Achievers.

Lisa's commitment to helping others remains steadfast. She set herself what others thought to be a rather optimistic goal to positively influence one million Australian young people. Through her achievement of this goal, Lisa has written another six books, five of which are best-sellers. She has also had great opportunity to perfect her gift of communication from the platform. No matter if the audience is 20 or 20,000 each person will feel that Lisa is presenting especially to them. Your audience will feel that way too.

Lisa's presentation style is quite unique. Your audience will be moved not only emotionally, but physically also. Rarely does anyone present with quite the energy level that Lisa does. You should expect that your conference audience will be captivated as they learn through Lisa's fun activities, and all will be enthralled when they discover that participation in any of Lisa's sessions means some fortunate audience member will actually be on stage with her.

The underlying theme in all Lisa's presentations is peak performance. Be the best you can be at whatever it is that you are doing.

If your goal is to INSPIRE and MOTIVATE your people, Lisa will answer the question: "We've All Got What It Takes, But Where Is It?"

Lisa believes that to win the battle for BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE, staff need to be totally sold on it. Sold on believing that the real benefit is to them, the service giver. Helping your people to want to help you customers and your business is a major positive change in their lives.

The same level of energy and excitement is right there in all Lisa's presentations. She truly does have a wonderful gift of communication, and as you might already sense, your audience will be captivated as they learn real life skills in their fast and fun-filled time with Lisa.

Other areas that Lisa loves to help others grow include:

· Dream Building, Goal setting and making it all happen

· Building your team of stars into a star team

· Helping your best people to Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way

· How to thrive, not just survive, in a changing environment

· Building great relationships at work and at home

Professionally Lisa is a Sports Psychologist focusing on Human Performance. Annually Lisa speaks around Australia regularly in Asia and has Annual Speaking tours of the UK and USA. She is Co-founder of Network Youth, an organisation committed to building self-esteem in young Australians and Founder of the Australian Business Network.