Brahim Benhim, Australias foremost Moroccan musician, grew up surrounded by the rhythms and melodies that are so much a part of Moroccan life. His musical career stretches back 25 years.

Brahim is joined by his brother and Australian friends to share with you his love of Moroccan music and culture.

La Kasbah is Australia's only Moroccan Music Ensemble.


La Kasbah’s repertoire includes traditional Moroccan songs in Arabic,Berber, French and English; original songs by Brahim and improvisational and percussion pieces.

The members perform in traditional Moroccan costume and are accompanied by a dancer.


La Kasbah has performed at private and community functions, dinner dances and benefits, in Mebourne and interstate.

Brunswick Music Festival and the Sydney Festival.

La Kasbah can perform with or without a dancer, in a concert situation or roving amongst the audience.