Kimina Lyall is an author, speaker and journalist who has a personal story to tell that is both extraordinary and terribly ordinary.

As the Southeast Asia correspondent for The Australian newspaper, Kimina's job was to be constantly on the watch for stories in her patch. But nothing prepared her for the day she came face to face with the biggest natural disaster in the world's modern history – the Boxing Day tsunami.

Kimina's story has all of the drama and intensity that one would expect from a story about such tragedy and devastation. But the real power of her message comes in its application to more everyday struggles. As she says, "We all have tsunamis in our life - totally unexpected events that knock us off our feet. The question is, are we responding to them with flight, fight, or freeze, or in a way that helps us grow larger and more whole?

Kimina's story is both inspirational and motivational. Your employees will gain an insight into a unique experience that will resonate throughout their own lives – and help them to overcome their own inner obstacles.

Kimina Lyall is the author of Out of the Blue – Facing the Tsunami, which was published by ABC Books in December 2006.