Kaz James is a new-wave enfant terriblé; a dance floor rebel who helped define a generation with the certified international anthem ‘I Like The Way You Move’. As one half of the of BodyRockers duo, Kaz James released an addictive slice of dance/rock fusion that three years later continues to be recognised as a soundtrack for the sneering and stylish youth of today. It would’ve therefore been easy for Part 2 of the BodyRockers story to automatically continue with a follow-up record that would easily follow the lead of the previous success… but for 25-year old Australian musician Kaz James, the easy way isn’t the best way forward, and so he delivers his debut solo album ‘If They Knew’.

‘If They Knew’ is a diverse collection of songs that explores dance, soul, pop, electronica and hip hop, and finds a common meeting ground for those genres to exist alongside each other. It’s also a bit of an insight into Kaz’s world – as he describes, “A lot of people in my life, for good and for bad, have inspired me to write the songs on this album. I just wonder how they would feel if they knew…”.

These are songs that show depth and musicality, and most importantly, originality. A year in the making, across three continents – the UK, the US and Australia – Kaz James has proved with his new album that he is an exceptional talent with an ear for cutting-edge musical creativity.

The first single, ‘Breathe’, introduced Kaz with a sexy and defiant edge that challenged listeners to an infectious assault on their senses. The track spent four weeks at #1 on the ARIA Club chart, and featured a video by international film director Fred Schepisi. Kaz’s soaring new single ‘We Hold On’ is an anthemic pop song which, establishes the true Kaz James style and vocals. This is a special track with a unique energy, featuring a fusion of genres shaped by Kaz’s own fresh sound.

The rest of the album is just as viciously desirable, made all the more intoxicating by the diversity of the songs on offer. Tracks like ‘Still Thinking’ feature trademark thick-set grooves with melodic structure and vocals from Kaz himself, whilst ‘Can’t Hold Back’ reinforces the international design and appeal of this new collection of music from Kaz, assisted by the instantly recognisable vocals from the freaky stylings of super-soul singer Macy Gray. “I’ve always liked her stuff,” says Kaz of Macy. “I just thought she’d sound wicked on an electro song like the one I put together. I just think she’s completely amazing; her voice is just so unique and working with her on this track was a fantastic experience.”

Following in this vein, Kaz brought together more top class musicians, putting their talent to use in his own way. These include The Last Goodnight, who feature on ‘Cool Like You’, DJ Lethal from Limp Bizkit on ‘All Fall Down’ and LA rapper/actor Stu Stone on ‘Breathe’ and ‘Subwoofers’. However it is tracks such as ‘Star’ and ‘Hollywood’ featuring Kaz solo that provide the backbone to the very strong collection of songs.

“I just want to make good, strong, cutting-edge music that stops people in their tracks and makes them think, ‘what the f*ck is this – I love it’! I want people to just like the songs for what they are, and not for whatever genre people think it may or may not fit into. I love the kind of audience who are into all sorts of music and can accept and enjoy it for the pure strength of quality and attitude. Unique, upfront, popular music – that’s what I see this album being all about.”