There is something truly spectacular about award winning singer and songwriter Kate Ceberano. Whether it’s her soulful voice, her charismatic character or exotic looks, she has become a household name, a woman with a reputation for being one of the industry’s hardest working. She manages to juggle an abundance of other roles outside of music from television appearances to motherhood and still finds time to do what she loves most; and that is making beautiful music.

It is this love the Kate Ceberano found she shared a musical connection with Mark Isham. After performing together recently in the US and forming a great musical bond, our Australian singer, songwriter, actor and multiple ARIA award winner and Grammy Award winner Mark Isham were joined on a quest based on their mutual love for “bitter-sweet, broken-hearted love songs” from the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s; her first jazz album in twenty years.

Both Mark and Kate set about listing their favourite songs from the era and found that they had many in common. One month later they recorded a beautiful album with Alan Pasqua, Tom Warrington, and Peter Erskine filling out the band on piano, bass and drums respectively.

With five Platinum albums, four Gold albums and over one million albums sold in Australia alone. She has performed countless sell-out tours, starred in acclaimed feature films and hosted her own television show Kate & Friends. Kate’s bittersweet musical journey is set to continue.

“I get so frustrated with how I see people give up too soon in this industry,” says Ceberano who has been nominated for ARIA awards seven times, a figure only Kylie Minogue can match. “You can be dissuaded from wanting to continue in the music business, but you have got to weather out the hard knocks. My mother gave me the greatest compliment of my life when she said; the thing with Kate is that she recovers fast. And that is how you have to be. You just can’t give up; everyone is going to have an opinion about you. Everyone is going to love and hate you. You just have to soldier on.”

Ceberano is the Victorian Ambassador for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Her role sees her help raise funds and awareness about an illness that affects many lives. “I like to be as involved as I possibly can in causes I feel strongly about,” says Ceberano of her appointment. “Yes I am a musician, but if I can do more to help others then I will.”

Kate is also an ambassador for lingerie brand Playtex/Berlei, with the autumn campaign kicking off in May 09 and she has an ongoing relationship with Myer. "I am the voice of Myer," she said with a giggle. "That's my voice on the jingle 'Myer, My Store', so every time you hear it you can think of me."

2007 saw the release of her ’salute to the 80s’, platinum-selling album titled ‘Nine Lime Avenue’. A tribute to a decade she holds close to her heart. In fact the album is named after her childhood street.

Kate is currently based in Melbourne and will be touring nationally in August. Her new album Bittersweet is out now.