Jugularity has entertained around Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, for over 20years !

Jugularity’s brand of madcap musical comedy successfully combines skilled, inspiring musicianship with comedy cabaret. Jugularity includes lively, upbeat, eclectic versions of jazz, folk, blues, rap, country, gypsy and other styles of songs they’ve written, borrowed or parodied. Surprise, audience involvement, great music, fun and spontaneity are popular in Jugularity performances.

Jugularity children’s shows (image 3) include both quality music and theatre entertainment as well as audience involvement. Children become involved thru action songs, singalongs and/or dances. Other entertainment includes traditional children’s songs, music hall, folk, world,country and jazz.

These are all presented in a humorous, energetic and captivating way that makes Jugularity popular with children wherever they play.

Jugularity wears bright costumes and each member had two children as professional critics.

Past performances include Sydney Interntional Kids Festival, Shepparton Children’s festival, Brunswick Children’s music festival, Alexander Theatre, Knox Children’s day and children’s components of festivals around Australia and NZ.