Dr John Tickell

Dr John Tickell is an extraordinary Australian business success story. He is a medically qualified Doctor who played AFL football with Hawthorn in the '60s.

A General Practitioner for 10 years, he then pioneered health management clinics in Australia and developed a pace–setting system of human risk evaluation.

He was the creator of the extremely successful Hyatt Regency Coolum International Resort and Spa on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. His two books A Passion For Living and Laughter, Sex, Vegetables and Fish are international best sellers.

Most recently seen on Channel Nine renovating bodies on Celebrity Overhaull.

Dr Tickell is the first Australian to be invited to speak on the main platform at the American Million Dollar Table Insurance Conference and was recently rated in the Top 10 speakers in the World by America's most influential business group.

Successful, busy people are under enormous pressure to perform in the business world and beyond. “To be able to survive and thrive in the pressure cooker of life, we need to learn how to get our act together, kick-start the motor and take control of our lives' says Dr John Tickell - 'this is called Self Management'”.

Through his conference presentations and seminars, this well renowned medico teaches surefire plans for channeling stress responses into winning ideas, and he provides a balanced view on up to the minute information on how to live younger, live better, live longer. Today, life balance skills are not optional - they are essential.

As a Medical Doctor with vast experience in dealing with thousands of people in medicine and in business, Dr Tickell has an A.1. credibility rating and the know how to communicate with his audience. He breaks down a minefield of medical information into simplistic terms that people can understand and act upon - it is one of the things this man does best.

Dr Tickell is like a breath of fresh air at any event, his charismatic personality and well-placed presentation humour entertains and motivates the most discerning of audiences.

He is the ultimate tonic for those people who wish to break the stress cycle and lead a healthier, more fulfilling life.

The Doctor’s Topics

Put the life back in your business

The culture is changing. Successful companies are enhancing the bottom line not by asking for more hours from their people but for more life in their people. To be truly successful, we need to learn the art of juggling business, family and personal well-being. Dr Tickell's wisdom about the balance in life is a strong message that most certainly reaps rewards.

The Stress of Success

Successful, busy people are under enormous pressure today to perform in the business world and beyond. Dr John changes perceptions with simple tips on how to develop winning self management skills and break the stress cycle for a healthier, successful and more fulfilling business and personal life.

A passion for living

Dramatically improve your every day life by implementing the ace program (activity skills, coping skills, eating your way to success). Learn to love pressure and heed the warning signs of the dangerous decade. Enhance your work ethic and attitude to life.

Laughter, sex, vegetables and fish

Dr John's prescription for improving the way you live and think under pressure. A humorous title for the fun loving and a look at the lighter side of the stress cycle. Find out how the ISA factor (in side aggression) can control your life - if you let it. Is technology improving or threatening the way you live?

Live Younger, Live Better, Live Longer

Dr John Tickell has been searching for (and found) the answer to life and the fountain of youth! No longer do genetics need to play the major part in your life. Dr john discusses the culture and habits of the longest living races of people in the world and how you can apply these principles to enhance your life.

Champions and the Others - what's the difference?

From 'golf and life' - the book co-authored with Jack Nicklaus - Dr Tickell teaches the four principles of greatness in his lessons on how people, whatever their field of endeavour, can consistently climb to the top of the mountain. An excellent topic for conferences and an absolute must for corporate golf days - before or after the round.

Why book the Doctor?

? His presentation is unique, inspirational, credible, memorable and actually makes a difference!

? His successful background in medicine, sports and business gives Dr John the tools, along with his personality and wonderful sense of humour, to captivate the most discerning audience.

? His presentation is guaranteed to be a highlight, to stimulate positive discussion and to leave the audience on a high - a win win situation for Meeting Planners and delegates.

? You can be sure that Dr Tickell will listen to your brief and customise his information to your requirements and the overall conference theme.