John Lees has special qualities as a keynote speaker and trainer that make him a great asset to any organisation and all types of conferences and events. Mr Lees has the capacity to affect profoundly the business performance of those who take on board his ideas. His presentations are memorable and enjoyable, leaving a lasting impression. Whether it is a small meeting or a very large one, John Lees is equally effective – his clients think Lees is a 'three-dimensional man':

1ST DIMENSION: He offers countless original and proven ideas on modern business achievement in Australia, New Zealand, Asia-Pacific and in major international markets.

2ND DIMENSION: He is a compelling 'platform communicator', with inspirational and original messages for people at all levels in business.

3RD DIMENSION: He is able to entertain audiences with a rare gift of humour that is altogether unexpected, increasing the impact and understanding of his ideas.

John Lees’ experience in the sales industry is extensive. He was a sales representative with Reckitt & Colman, in the UK and then Australia, and became their youngest ever State Sales Manager in NSW at age 25. Three years later he was 'headhunted' to join Schwarzkopf as National Sales Manager, and went on to become the Marketing and Sales Director for Australia and NZ. Under his guidance, those operations became the most successful worldwide. His success led to more engagements and John Lees was asked to perform an international consulting role for Schwarzkopf. In this role, he introduced his advanced business ideas to the American, Canadian, British, South African, Asian and leading European markets.

Consultant, trainer and keynote speaker

Since forming his own consulting firm in Sydney, John Lees has developed an enviable reputation as a consultant, trainer and keynote speaker. At over 1000 conferences, John Lees has trained sales people and sales managers from some of Australia's and New Zealand's leading organisations. He coaches on leadership skills and has created many training products to help in personal and business development. As well as being a popular speaker, John Lees is the author of excellent books on sales techniques and has produced a range of motivational audio presentations.


* How To Create Profitable Customer Relationships (for people in selling and consulting)

* The Move from Order Taker to Sales Maker (for people in selling and consulting)

* How To Guarantee The Bottom-Line (for senior managers in sales and marketing)

* Business Is Never Good Or Bad, It's What You Make It (for people in small business)

* Winning ... With Service Attitudes And Team Work (for people at all levels in business)

* After-Dinner (Motivational) Humour (according to your theme and needs)

These titles can be organised as keynote presentations or workshops, and full details of presentations are available upon request.

John Lees’ classics

John Lees has a range of classic presentations that have endured because of their continuing relevance and success, including:

* Sold ... On Selling!

* Succeeding ... On Purpose!

* Retailing Success in the 90s

* Manage The Customers ... Lead the Staff

* The Critical Steps Before and After Service

* How Management Can Improve Business Results


* The Move from Order-Taker to Sales Maker

* Successful Sales Management

* Small Business is Never Good or Bad…It’s what you Make It!