In 1962 with just 25 pounds, New Zealander John Anderson found a way to not only see Europe, but to start his own business, Contiki Holidays. At the age of 22 John left New Zealand for England for a one-year trip overseas. He returned 20 years later with his wife Alison, four children and the international tourism business, Contiki Holidays.

When John Anderson sold Contiki Holidays it was, and remains, an International “brandname” and one of the worlds major tour operators, (the largest catering specifically for the 18-35 year old market). From a staff of one and a beaten-up minibus, John expanded to 700 staff, operating 160 Mercedes coaches and 15 European properties including a Chateau, Hotels, camping grounds and cruise vessels. He built brand awareness of 92% in target markets, with Contiki operating in Europe, North America and Australasia, carrying 100,000 passengers annually.

Through his presentation, John Anderson tells the incredible story of how he developed a simple idea into one of the worlds major tour operators. This includes tales of his determination to succeed, the belief in himself and his staff, and his successes and failures. It is full of extremely funny and sad anecdotes that have a marked effect on the emotions of his audience.