Decorated Major General Jim Moland served in the Australian Army from 1968 to 2008, and is an Honorary Colonel of the Australian Army Aviation Corps. As a public speaker, he is inspirational, passionate, and rich with stories. His presentation topics include various leadership presentations, including his most popular “Leadership in Challenging Times: Leading, managing, changing, and winning in tough times”

Major General Moland’s military career was incredibly eventful. He ran the evacuation of the Australian citizens from Jakarta and Bali during the collapse of the Suharto regime, and organized the military evacuations of thousands of foreigners in East Timor. He also commanded the evacuation force from the Solomon Islands in 2000, and was the chief of operations in Iraq during 2004 and 2005, overseeing a multi-national force of over 300,000 troops. For his work, he was awarded the Legion of Merit by the United States Government and the Distinguished Service Cross by the Australian Government.

He has served all over the world, including in Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, Germany, and the United States. Major General Moland also served five years in the Australian Embassy in Jakarta, and was awarded the Indonesian decoration Bintang Dharma Yudha Nararya by President Suharto. An Officer of the Order of Australia and 2009’s Australian Thinker of the Year, Major General Moland currently teaches operational art at the Australian Defence College, and is a director at the Saint James Ethics Centre.

A true leader, Major General Moland is insightful and incredibly experienced in leading individuals and groups under highly stressful conditions, while being uniquely articulate enough to translate these experiences into workable skills for civilians and military alike.