The Australian Multi Instrumentalist who has been guest performer with most of the world’s truly great symphony orchestras and national radio bands of the UK, West Germany and other European and Middle Eastern nations is Sydney’s James Morrison.

He has become a world jazz legend in his own lifetime; is yet to turn 40; is idol to fans in more countries than most people can name, regularly gives live performances in most of them; has co-performed and co-recorded in the last twenty three years with many of the world’s truly great jazz personalities and is respected by all of them for his talent.

He is a dedicated, loving, caring, husband, father of three, an active family man, a pilot, a trans-Tasman yachtsman, an advocate and sponsor of new and emerging Australian jazz talent, generous to his chosen Australian charities and has been recognized internationally and nationally for his work. He was awarded, in 1997, The Order of Australia for his services to the arts in Australia and in February 2002 with an Honorary Doctorate from Queensland’s Griffith University for his achievement of excellence in Australian music.

The level of his international performances has been likened to those of Dame Joan Sutherland appearing at Covent Garden and the current phalanx of Australian actors dominating international film awards.