For any songwriter or performer, maintaining one’s integrity is not always so easy in the world of commercial pop music. Especially when you are classically trained in violin and piano, you have a love for old-school soul and R&B and you work primarily in an Australian market dominated by rock and pop.

‘The reason I make music is like anyone else, because I love the process of writing a song; of working with my band and performing my music live. I wanted my new album to be a true representation of me, to tell a story and hopefully show any growth as a person & musician I may have made since the first album.’

For Jade MacRae, to take the next step from critical acclaim and awards that her debut album received, certain compromises and changes were required to evoke a new direction musically that would satisfy herself, her fans and the dreaded yet often crucial ‘commercial interests’. The result is Jade’s new album ‘Get Me Home’.

‘Taking into account what you think other people want you to write can be a mistake that can ruin an artist. Ultimately however I do think my subconscious was probably affected somewhat by the very fact that I did not reach as many people as I hoped when making my first album, and I started to write an album that I guess maintained my soulful roots, but moved more into the fluid world of electronica and commercial pop.”

Jade’s debut album opened doors in the US and Europe, allowing Jade to work with songwriters and producers who have written hits for many major international recording artists.

‘Working with such professional, creative and musically sound people was amazing. You automatically raise your game. I felt relaxed because I knew the people around me were great at what they do. Sometimes you only get a day to work with someone, so the pressure to produce is high. You need to feel comfortable.’

Feeling at ease and relaxed has not always been so easy for the diminutive beauty. The once very shy girl with low self-esteem faced many long-time personal insecurities and fears by placing herself in the public eye so often. A homebody at heart, Jade is happiest cooking for her friends and relaxing and having a laugh over a glass of wine. The rigours of constant travel, promoting a record, corporate gigs, charity gigs, touring, TV appearances, never wearing the same dress twice, being in a constant state of ‘beautiful’ etc all changed Jade’s life immeasurably. Personal expectations and public scrutiny combined to make Jade’s life extremely stressful and some tough professional and personal changes needed to be made, and were. But you won’t hear Jade making any excuses.