JACKET OFF leaves nothing to the imagination and everything to the dance floor as this finely tuned beat-smacking machine leaves groovers shaking involuntarily in their boots. Founded by stylistic polar-bare opposites DJ CB Field and DJ/MC Many Feather, these boys lay down the night’s tracks for saxophone wielding, dirty blues fiend Baron Von Thunderwick and percussion wrenching Toby Bender to overlay his premium live kicks ‘n’ licks.

Enter, the magic dynamic strutted on stage by four super-sexy rotating female-feline-freaks. It ain’t no party surprise as these divas have bounced almost every Melbourne dance floor; club/bar/pub between them. The collective’s blades have been kept supremely sharpened with a non-stop three-year residency slicing the dice EVERY Saturday night in St Kilda’s parlour of sonic splendour at Veludo on Acland Street.

If Electronic Beats, Live Instru-Mentals, Maestro MC-ing, Vixon Vocals, Visual Arts, Dance, Audio Effects, Mash-up or Crowd Interaction tickle your taste, get on the phone and book for any occasion. Be it Gig, Corporate ta-Do, Private Party or Festival, this crew has covered all ground and will exceed expectations with cutting-edge and cutting-precision.

Jacket Off is dedicated to making any spectator hot under the collar.