A traditional Australian Indigenous Welcoming Ceremony is in ways the equivalent of what is in Christian terms called a Blessing. The welcoming ceremony will be hosted by Ian Hunter of the Wurundjeri Tribe (the Melbourne people).

Ian welcomes attendants in his traditional language; firstly to the country, then also to your opening, conference, ceremony or other special event. Ian then explains what he has said, and the significance thereof.

This is followed by a traditional Tandarum, which is the active part of the welcoming ceremony; Ian hands out small branches of eucalyptus leaves which are passed around amongst attendees to take a leaf from; this means they are officially welcomed to the country. Ian follows this by singing a song in his traditional language. He can work in collar and tie or traditional clothing upon request.

This can be the end of the ceremony, lasting roughly 8 minutes, or it can be enhanced by two traditionally clothed dancers, and for a great celebratory finale, fire (not to mention a lot of smoke!), burning a great cluster of stringy bark, and waving it through the air; taking the performance to a total length of approximately 15 mins.

Ian has worked numerous times with the following Councils of Moreland, Maribyrnong, Whittlesea and Darebin. Has performed for the Australia Day Christmas Carol Opening, and has been working as an integral part of the Kingfisher Festival team over the last 8 years.