Improvisation forms the backbone of Impro Australia’s range of corporate entertainment, both for their top-quality shows, and for their workshoips. Utilising the talents they regularly display live at The Comedy Store, Enmore and Belvoir Theatres (among other venues), they can host and perform a slick, one of a kind very funny show.

1) Theatresports Improvised Comedy

This hilarious interactive comedy show utilizes some of Australia's best improvising comedians. Similar to the TV show 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?', Theatresports uses audience suggestions and volunteers to create instant comedy sketches and songs. Impro Australia are the only true producers of Theatresports in Australia, and are masters of this brilliant form of fresh energetic entertainment. With a troupe made up of veteran professional improvising comedians - including recognisable TV personalities, international comedy festival champions and Theatresports Cranston Cup winners - this is a show that is suitable for all audiences.

Imagine a day in the life of your company played out, as Shakespeare would have written it. Picture an Opera created instantly based on a recent news story. Impro Australia’s Theatresports show gives you the best topical comedy with a twist - your staff, on stage, participating in scenes with improvisational comedy stars. While we don’t promise to turn your executives or workmates into overnight stars, we’ll certainly provide them with five minutes of fame on stage that they’ll never forget! This experience is suitable for all members of the audience, as Impro Australia prides itself on creating a positive and enjoyable experience for all participants.

In this show, Impro Australia perform a series of sketches, hand-picked for your organisation and your audience, and with audience interaction tailored to your needs. This organic nature makes it possible for Impro Australia to tailor their show to any special needs or circumstances that may be particular to you.

2) Thank God Here's Theatresports!

‘Thank God You’re Here’ uses scenarios and games that have been mainstays of Theatresports for years - and, as the organisation behind Theatresports, Impro Australia know them well!

In this hilarious improvised comedy show, Impro Australia recreate the hit TV show, all for you! However, one key difference is that the people who walk into the scene aren’t seasoned professional comedians: any audience member could find themselves up on stage, wondering what to say next.

Audience members are whisked out of the room, provided with costuming and coaching and thrust on stage in a professional and relaxed way, ensuring fun, laughs and enjoyment for all. Impro Australia’s performers are experts at making their guests look great, feel good and have fun on stage, with a show designed for the non-actor and non-comedian to walk in and still have a great time.

3) Theatresports Corporate Teambuilding and Sales Training Workshops

An engaging, practical and very funny workshop, Theatresports teambuilding and training sessions introduce participants to the powerful skills and benefits of improvised theatre training. We create an atmosphere of non-judgemental theatrical exploration demonstrating how the skills we use to create hilarious improvised comedy on-stage are directly transferrable to the corporate environment. The aim is to assist your group in becoming an intuitive cohesive team that is flexible enough to adapt quickly to change, creative enough to innovate on the spot, and responsive enough to learn from each other.

The main thrust of our Impro / Theatresports? workshops is to teach people how to work together as a team and to respond effectively to spontaneous challenges. Improvising well relies on three things: a fluid flow of ideas; for people on stage to feel supported, relaxed and empowered enough to make risky choices out of their comfort zone; and on an open mindset that allows participants to tell interesting stories and make illogical but inspiring connections. The methods we demonstrate help participants learn how to respond quickly and with less rigidity in pressure situations, how to work effectively in a team or duo/group situation and how to actively listen to and incorporate the ideas of others whilst remaining true to your own creative vision. Expect plenty of hilarious moments and some of the wallflowers to surprise you.

The scenes/sketches are created by the participants, initially with the aid of coaching by the facilitator, and later in the day as a demonstration of the skills learned in the workshop. Instant characters and storylines inspired by the audience’s suggestions are discussed and played out. The sketches range from zany to poignant and can be structured to explore real issues, if that is a goal of the session. We can tailor our workshops to enhance the theme or guidelines of the event. Each scene and performance is different, because audience suggestions vary and the participants’ own experiences and imagination flavour the creative choices they make while interacting.

Most importantly, this workshop has been designed to be a lot of fun. Using the best skills that drama and comedy has to offer, the participants are led through an exciting array of entertaining and challenging exercises that bring to the fore their natural (and often hidden) wit and spontaneity.