Do you want to communicate with, inspire, motivate and powerfully engage your team - particularly in the current economic climate? Zara & Troy are two of Australia’s most experienced facilitators and corporate presenters, with many delighted clients including; AMP, ANZ, AXA, Bayer, Optus, Orica, Sensis and more.

Their unique approach guarantees to uplift, inform and entertain every audience and they are dedicated to communicating your message with crystal-clear clarity. As veterans of over 10,000 corporate, radio & television appearances, Zara & Troy are the complete conferencing solution. They provide outstanding MC and facilitation work, as well as keynote addresses, custom-designed communication & engagement workshops… and even your Gala Dinner entertainment needs!

Zara & Troy have been personally involved in both small businesses, with million-dollar plus turnovers, as well as at the senior corporate level within ASX-listed groups; bringing diverse business acumen, knowledge and authority to any topic. They have hosted events ranging in size, from 50-20,000 people, both here and internationally and facilitated sensitive senior management announcements, including a billion-dollar acquisition, all with outstanding results.

As hosts, Zara & Troy have worked with many big Australian and international names, including; Richard Branson, Edward de Bono, Clive James, Tobey McGuire, Matthew McConaughey, David Duchovney, Destiny’s Child, Eric Bana, Heath Ledger, Rove McManus and many others.

They have appeared on TV shows like Good News Week, Rove, Australian Idol, Today Tonight (in a good way!) and the George Negus Show. They also spent five years at the top of the ultra-competitive breakfast radio world - producing two national radio programs and winning three Australian radio awards.

Zara & Troy are now Directors of Humour Australia® offering a number of high-quality, engagement-based services in Entertainment, Training and Media Production (radio shows, video segments, podcasts, mobisodes and more) to organisations who are benefiting from this unique engagement formula.

HA! simply are the best and most cost-effective way for you to communicate with, inspire, motivate or powerfully engage your team – particularly in the current economic climate.

For an engaging and inspiring corporate team building event, get Humour Australia to lend their talents!