Anna the Pocket Rocket explodes onto stage with her charismatic, cheeky and skilful hula hoop acts.

Recognised around the world for her signature hula style, Anna combines impressive hooping techniques and circus skill with elements of theatre, comedy and dance to create highly entertaining and original hula acts.1 to 6 sparkling hoops are spun, twisted, and thrown with remarkable dexterity culminating in a dazzling multi hoop finale – too many hoops to count!

Anna Lumb (AKA Anna The Pocket Rocket) is a Melbourne based performer specialising in Trapeze, Adagio and Hula Hoops.

Influenced by theatre and comedy as much as circus, Anna is renowned for exploding onto the stage with her charismatic, cheeky and original performances. Formerly trained in gymnastics and dance she has over eight years of performance experience. Anna has toured extensively both with aerial theatre company Strange Fruit and independently across Europe, America, Mexico, Canada, UK, Middle East, Africa, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Australia.