Beware of Imitations

Corporate Impostors embraces the many guises of Australia's premier comic speechmaker, Homer Papantonio. Since hoaxing over five hundred bearded Zoo Directors at an International Zoological Conference in 1989. . .to appearing at Microsoft's Company Kick Off in place of Bill Gates to more recently launching Olympic "legends" events Australia wide.... Homer has successfully created hundreds of unique comic characters each tailor made for his audiences.

Corporate and public sector clients applaud Homer's talent at portraying an authentic Visiting Expert, Famous Achiever or International Dignitary at conferences, product launches and special events.

Audiences are taken on a emotional roller coaster ride as they are gently fooled into unquestioning acceptance of the bona-fide industry experts credentials, wisdom and constructive insights. The hilarity is invariably accompanied with valuable information carefully crafted to achieve the goals of the event.

Accordingly, Homer's presentations are always beyond a joke and a wonderfully unique way to open, close and energise any conference or special event.

With the backing of his talented support team, Homer meticulously researches, writes and delivers riveting keynote presentations. As his clients will verify, he goes well beyond mere fulfilment of the contract.

Homer's tailored presentations touch the heart of any audience. His humour, showmanship, creative lateral thinking and dynamic style consistently achieve spectacular success.

Homer possesses the uncanny ability to master accents and mannerisms from a diverse range of countries with unnerving accuracy. He has created over 500 unique comic characters across more than 90 industries for national and international organisations and is one of Australia's most sought after corporate humorists.