Hi Life Horns

Floor & Stilt Duo - Quintet. Roving and/or Stage.

Jazz, Funk, Soul and Groove-ROVING! The Hi-Life Horns are a flexible combination of talented musicians and performers who have entertained people throughout Australia and overseas since 1995 for corporate clients like Mercantile Mutual, and in public spaces, like The Rocks Markets and Darling Harbour. They’ve performed at festivals, outdoor events, conferences and private parties. The group ranges from as few as two performers to as many as your imagination allows, and can perform music of any style.

Horns On Sticks

The Tallest Band In The Land

In their brightly colored suits its no wonder Horns On Sticks are so popular at large outdoor venues such as Darling Harbour, The Rocks and Fox Studios. Horns on Sticks not only look great and interact with the crowd but play music as well! Yes, they combine the skill of stilt walking with the talent of creating music and roll them up into one neat package. Horns on Sticks are available as a duo, trio or quartet playing grooves to get people moving.

Horns Alight

Lighting up your life

For Those twilight or evening events Horns Alight are the perfect entertainment solution. Draped in fibre optic cable, Horns Alight look fantastic and sound awesome. Talk about the perfect opening to an event. A dim room and Horns Alight enter playing the music of your choice. The mood is set, the lights come up and boom, the party begins! Horns Alight are versatile, working on Stilts or Ground, as a duo, trio or quartet, all these options are open to you.

It’s a Big Country

"Australia is the wide brown land, so why not book the Big Tall Band"

Looking for some Aussie Atmosphere? Dressed in real Drizabones and sporting bush hats these tall cockies add a real Aussie flavour to any event or promotion. Whether walking around simply as characters or playing great Aussie tunes, this group of up to four performers make cultural cringe a thing of the past! Regular performers at major events including the opening of Stadium Australia, the Centenary of Federation Celebration, and Westfield Shopping Complex Events. For that extra Aussie touch their repertoire includes: Waltzing Matilda, Advance Australia Fair, Click Go The Shears and themes from Australian TV shows such as 'Neighbours' and 'Skippy.'

South of The Border

Arrrrrriba! They may not be from Mexico, and the last time they went anywhere South of the Border was went they went to Melbourne. They have the worst accents since the Cisco Kid, but when South of The Border play the sweet strains of Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass, break out the Piñatas - It's Carnival Time! Repertoire includes Tijuana Taxis, The Little Spanish Flea, Mexican Hat Dance, and La Cucaracha.

Horns for Kids

It's hot. The kids are getting cranky - so are their parents! How to keep them entertained?

Suddenly three multicoloured jesters in bright overalls leap into view. In no time at all delighted kids and relived parents surround them, as they involve the children in popular nursery rhymes and songs, getting them to sing, clap and jump, even handing out percussion instruments so they can join the band. Everyone enjoys Horns for Kids - for the young and the young at heart. Repertoire includes: Get Smart, Happy Birthday, Mission Impossible, Pink Panther, The Simpson's, Teletubbies, Bananas in Pyjamas, Play School, Sesame Street and Bob the Builder.