The gypsy duo captures attention with a combination of European folk tunes, Latin American sounds and elements of jazz/swing. With its unique and distinctive style, gypsy carneval released its first album in 2000. Gypsy carneval is able to perform as a violin duo and a violin/cello duo. The essence of Hungarian folk music is obvious as the two Hungarian violinists wander through the audience entertaining their listeners. The violin/cello duo, while not mobile, creates a festive but relaxed mood and can relocate easily and quickly.

Our intimate violin/cello duo performs atmospheric background classical music. This ensemble plays many of the favourites from the Baroque and Classical eras and offers a change in pace, with a small repertoire of jazz. Both add an understated elegance to any function. Our violinist wanders through the audience serenading listeners while our cellist offers a sonorous and rich musical experience.