Infectious Gypsy flamenco, Arabic and Latin jazz dance grooves.

This fiery and wildly talented group features authentic Gypsy flamenco artists residing in Australia – some of whom even today live a Nomadic lifestyle, carrying on a Gypsy tradition nearly a thousand years old. Prepare to be permanently blown away by Australia's leading flamenco musicians, complimented by the authentic husky-voiced, ultra old-n-cool Gypsy flamenco singers. Finally, just to ensure a complete sensory overload, add young and ravishingly gorgeous Gypsy-style flamenco dancers and belly dancers who will leave your eyes bulging for more.

Available nationally and travelers by nature, the group will travel to any destination in Australia – even your doorstep – to perform in any format or performance style you desire. Try the pure Gypsy Moro-style flamenco, guitar, percussion, singing and dance. Get a dose of the burning, all-original Gypsy flamenco guitar music to equal any in the world. Soak up the real Gypsy rumba-flamenca, Andalucian style!

Sick of the McDonald's copycat-and- touristy “flamingo” outfits? Can't stand the desperately dull hobby performers with a day job? Had a bad experience with well-meaning amateurs already? Booked a group that cost you a fortune and probably should have stayed home to practice? If experiences like these have made you despair of ever finding something to genuinely blow your socks off, don't worry...

You're at exactly the right place!

The group is led by Australia's most internationally-acclaimed flamenco artist, El Vikingo de Jerez, hailed as the country’s most exciting flamenco guitarist by The Sydney Morning Herald (for his Basement performance Nov 2011) and Australia's very own master-percussionist Michael Kontochristos, who has over 30 years experience in the forefront of the world-music scene. The group also boasts international artists, Gypsy artists and Australia's best flamenco performers and musicians from all states.

For your personalised event or festival there is no compromise with this group when it comes to quality and excitement!

The musical instruments used for performance are the World's Best...

The P.A. sound system and microphones are the world's best...

Each individual artist lives and breathes their art.

Their thrilling performance will be burnt into your memory forever