There are not many keynote speakers in Australia who have the breadth of skills and experience as that of Glynn Nicholas. With rare personal warmth, intellectual clarity, and drawing on his 33 years as a Performer, Director and Theatre Producer, Glynn presents one of the most engaging and inspiring keynote addresses in the country.

Emigrating on his own at 19 years old to Australia from Wales, he built a career as an award-winning busker, stand-up comedian, actor, singer, television personality, touring his one-man shows and breaking box office records across the country.

In more recent times Glynn has taken up the challenge as a writer, Director & Producer of TV shows, plays and musicals performed in Australia, Asia, Europe, USA and London’s West End. In his inimitable relaxed and warm style, Glynn shares the ups and downs and the day to day challenges of running a small business when times are tough, the competition is fierce, and many others give up because it’s all ‘just too hard’.

Working and competing with some of the biggest theatre entrepreneurs in the world, Glynn’s story is one of perseverance, overcoming tough times, learning the hard lessons, and most importantly moving forward.

He shares his insights into some of the challenges faced by many businesses alike including;

• Team Work: finding, hiring, and working with the right people (Glynn shares his experience managing 40 cast and crew in the world’s busiest arts market and festival... whilst on the other side of the globe)

• Developing client relationships: never underestimate what they can do to help optimise your business

• Entrepreneurship (Glynn Nicholas Group is one of a handful of Australian commercial theatre producers exporting Australian shows to some of the biggest markets in the world)

• Perseverance (As a writer / producer it takes 6 years to create one show and average 4 years to land a deal)

• Having belief in your ability and in what you do: losing everything and coming back stronger than ever

• Engaging people (33 years as a performer, producer and director, Glynn understands how to connect with people; individually and as a group)

• Dealing with Change: Learn how to shift your perspective and see new opportunities

Glynn is an inspired storyteller who loves to entertain, imbuing every event with a sense of expectation and energy. He knows how to connect and keep an audience focused, intrigued, entertained and with much to think about in the days following. His topics range across a broad spectrum of subject matter and can be tailored to suit a variety of conference themes.

In addition to Keynote speaker, Glynn has years of experience as:

- MASTER OF CEREMONIES A popular choice for MC, Glynn is entertaining and keeps the audience constantly amused - he has vast experience with one-off events and 2 to 3-day conferences .He’ll help keep the event on time and can act as convener when required. (Please note for any international work Glynn is able to speak French & German.)

- FEATURED COMEDY PERFORMER Much more than just a stand-up comedian, Glynn is renowned as one of the country’s finest mime artists, with an array of hilarious routines (sometimes including volunteers from the audience) He also sings and plays guitar with skill and ease.