Cause a commotion, create some excitement, whip yourself into a Frenzi! Need a lively group of 3 musicians to liven up you party or special events? Then Frenzi is the group that you require. All 3 musicians have come from different groups to combine their skills and knowledge of music to produce a wild and unique form of music. The difference between Frenzi and other 3 piece bands is that they wear stunning metallic rave costumes and perform musical stunts. The group consists of a portable drum kit, trumpet and a djembe. If required, a larger ensemble is available, which will spark up a party even more. Frenzi will perform at dance parties, street festivals, corporate functions, parties, retail promotions and any other special event. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it! So why not let Frenzi perform at your next function!

Christmas Cahoots

The Christmas Cahoots play a range specially adapted folk songs and Christmas carols, singing jovially doctored words to all the classic and poplar Christmas jingles. Mandolin and percussion mixed with vocal harmonies make this duo a special and colourful Christmas outfit, developed especially for shopping centres, malls and Christmas festivities.