Now returned from a ten year European and world tour, the spectacular EMPRESS Stilt-walking acts have arrived on the Australian circuit, and are based in Melbourne.

Specializing in family and corporate events, festivals, parades and openings, the professional EMPRESS stilt-dancers have delighted thousands of audience members world-wide with their beautiful costumes and fluid dance quality.

The roving stilt-walkers can rove above and through your audience, or can perform their dance choreographies. Colourful, funny, sensual, and bold the Empress characters will bring a smile to your face, a warmth to your heart, and your guests will be reaching for their cameras.

The costumes are also reactive to UV black-light.

If you want your event to land in the Newspapers, Empress will very likely be the act that gets you there. EMPRESS is a leading act and not one to be missed.



An ethereal vision, the entirely white stilt-walking SNOW QUEENS are astonishingly eye-catching. Mesmorizing as they float through the world, they appear to be moments away from taking flight.

They virtually glow under lighting.

SNOW QUEENS can perform under 3.5 meter ceilings.

Full height with wings up - 4.5 meters.


In a lush, surreal garden the stilt-walking FLOWERS ooze glitter and girlish charm. Funny, posey and very charming the FLOWERS bring smiles and giggles to the people.

Beautiful, gorgeous & colourful. Take them anywhere and everywhere!

UV reactive under neon lighting.

Flowers are 3 meters tall.


Delicate, shimmering and inspiring the

se Butterfly stilt walkers fill the summer sky with dream-like wings and visions of grandeur. People reach for their cameras when they see the Butterflies floating above and through the crowd. Children are especially mesmerised by the grace of the Butterflies. These professionally trained dancers leave behind them a dazzling memory of the day. A lead act, not to be missed.

BUTTERFLIES: Wings up - 4.5 meters. Wings down - 3 meters.

4 Butterflies available.


Like stretched, animated mirror balls, the stilt-walking SILVERS are serpentine, metallic, space-age and feminine. These sensually slinky characters are sublimely sequined from their pointed alien heads to their distant toes. An absolute crowd puller.

Incredible under lights, both indoors and out.

SILVERS are 3.5 meters tall.


Saturated in the hottest of the pinks and shimmering metallic, these professional dancers are trained in the art of wings and stilts. These gorgeous women will glide, twirl and dazzle their way through and above their admirers.

HOT PINK stilt walkers can also be accompanied by a Hot Pink winged dancer on the ground, creating an artistic blending of levels.

HOT PINKS are 5 meters tall.