An Evening to remember. Catch your guests off guard with these surprisingly brilliant, under cover, break dancing waiters.

The evening will start off as usual, your guests completely comfortable that their evening will run in the usual uniformed manor. Entre will be served, no different to any other fabulous standard corporate event. Then, our under-cover waiters will come out, and begin to work as waiters for a good 10 minutes or so, allowing the guests to have familiarized themselves with the staff.

All of the sudden, a plate smashes - A confrontation occurs, followed by a BACKFLIP? What? Who are these waiters?

These Flash mob waiters can be of any of these styles also, or pick your own:

- Hip Hop

- Contemporary

- Salsa

- Classical

- Jazz (as in from 1920s)

- 1980s style ‘footlose’

- High energy Cheerleaders

- Acrobatic/Break dance