Nella has dedicated all her working life to the performance of dance. Her study in dance includes: classical, modern and jazz ballet, leading to an early career in contemporary dance and performance art in Melbourne.

In 1984, Nella was inspired to study flamenco. Such was her enthusiasm that she was performing flamenco professionally by 1986. Nella's love and passion for flamenco has continued to evolve and has taken her to Spain for full time study in 1990, 1994 and 1996.

Her dedication to her art was recognised in 1992, when she was the recipient of a Victorian Ministry for the arts grant for her production of Orpheus and Eurydice. The success of "Orpheus and Eurydice" led to invitations to choreograph various productions and shows in Melbourne. Performing concerts at various festivals, art galleries and corporate functions.

Nella - Flamenco show

The performance shall commence with a 20-minute set featuring five musicians - vocals, acoustic guitar, flute/keyboards, electric bass guitar and percussion. The first set shall consist of sophisticated original flamenco music, designed to be in a ‘background’ style.

The floorshow shall follow, this will consist of a 20-minute set including 5 dances.

The pieces to be performed are as follows:

1."Sevillanas", a traditional dance featuring all the dancers castanets and following choreography.

2."Tangos", will commence with a three-piece choreography, followed by a duet. This piece is very rhythmical and will feature original choreography by Nella Randone, its main feature is footwork and sensual body movements.

3."Bulerias", 2 brief and fiery solos shall introduce this piece, featuring 2 of the more technically proficient artists, this will be followed by a three-piece choreography and will end the floorshow section with an ensemble piece incorporating all the dancers.

The dancers will be costumed in a very bright, flamboyant manner, in the traditional Spanish Style.

The final set will commence with all the dancers remaining after their bow, to go into the audience and select a few participants to then clap and dance on the main stage floor to the beginning of the set of up-tempo flamenco music. This set shall last 20 minutes and will consist of festive upbeat tunes.