Simone's discovery of Flamenco music and dance began in 1990. Training with some of the best flamenco dancers in Australia, Simone decided to devote herself entirely to flamenco and in 1998 she took her first trip to Spain to dedicate herself to the art of flamenco.

Since that time Simone has become an established and accomplished flamenco dance artist both in Brisbane and throughout Australia. Guided by some of Spain's finest dancers, including Belen Fernandez, La China, La Tati, Ciro, La Truco and Manuel Reyes.

Simone's contemporary choreographies transfix the audience with their energy and passion. Simone returns to Spain every year to immerse herself in the latest technical and artistic directions of Flamenco. In Brisbane she is director of The Flamenco Studio where she teaches and hosts workshops by visiting national and international flamenco professionals.