It’s all about that atmosphere of romance and nostalgia.

The sound that we imagine is coming from a café in Paris or a small gallery opening in Prague. Three artists, looking like they’ve just stepped in from the bohemian glamour of the ‘20’s, making music together, combining the sounds of accordion, violin, melodica, trumpet, glockenspiel, guitar and other small electronic toys, in different combinations.

Flamenco Non-Academic plays pure acoustic gypsy music from this time and place. The Trio produce music from the heart of where their different backgrounds meet.

Gypsy spirits, reggae, dub sounds, the odd flamenco rhythms, pop arrangements and familiar classical tunes. Flamenco Non-Academic is totally un-plugged. They can rove, spreading their sound around a space, and are able to play with minimum fuss. Otherwise they can be amplified to fill a larger area.

There is no need to travel to Seville for this art form to be shared, but these high modern times, and eclectic surrounds lend this sound to sometimes be a little non-academic.

Flamenco Non-Academic are:

Dean Manning - guitarist/songwriter from pop beauty, Leonardos Bride.

Naomi Radom - violinist from CODA, who has come from a classical background and is now exploring other genres.

Gabin Louis Lopez - fresh from France, where he studied jazz piano, and has brought his gypsy blood to our shores.