Roll up, Roll up... and welcome to the weird and wonderfully fiery world of FireWorks Dance Company.

This is the home of cutting edge fire artistry and spectacular productions in Fire Circus and Fire Dance. FireWorks Dance Company is a unique blend of cultural dance, modern circus, sensual fire artistry, theatrical fireworks and uplifting music from around the world. This fiery mix combines to produce the most exciting and dynamic shows available today.

If it’s fire you need, then look no further….FireWorks Dance Company is the oldest, the biggest and the best. Here’s why:

• Australia's longest running fire troupe (est. 1998)

• Performances to a combined audience of over 500,000 Australia wide

• Over 1000 spectacular fire shows performed in Australia

• Outstanding client list including Telstra, Microsoft, Pricewaterhouse Coopers & AFL

• Crown Casino and Atlantic Group preferred contractor status

• Cirque du Soleil artist database listing

• Comprehensive public liability insurance for fire and pyrotechnics

• In-house, licensed pyrotechnicians and experienced performers with pyrotechnics

• Fully trained technical and back stage staff on all shows

• Archived for cultural significance by the State Library of Victoria

Often imitated...but never duplicated! FireWorks Dance Company is eagerly sort after by those who want that extra something special.

FireWorks produces stage spectaculars, roving entertainment and theatrical pyrotechnic displays & effects for all types of private, corporate and public functions and major events.

Private, festival and corporate entertainment is our speciality and many of the top 250 companies in Australia have looked to FireWorks for a show stopper. FireWorks have performed for many of the major events in the country including the 2007 Moomba Festival, 2003 Melbourne International Arts Festival, 2000 Sydney Olympics events, 2005 Deaflympics opening ceremony, 2006 Commonwealth games events and the 2004 Melbourne Fringe Festival. Nothing is too large or too small, from 21st parties to stadium size ceremonies.

Would you believe that 95 per cent of FireWorks shows are performed indoor and onstage? Almost every event and venue [including yours!] can host our dynamic acts. FireWorks have gained a reputation not only for our high-energy, hard-hitting shows, but also our attention to production and especially safety. We continue to set the benchmark for this unique genre of entertainment, not just in Australia but worldwide.

FireWorks Dance Company (est. 1998) began a decade ago when a collection of Melbourne's finest independent fire dancers, jugglers and percussionists began to collaborate under one banner. No-one could have foreseen the impact that such a group could make on a live audience and the public response was overwhelming. From this beginning, FireWorks Dance Company was born.

These early performances were staged in the heart of St. Kilda, and this location has since become internationally recognised as a thriving Mecca for fire performance artists. FireWorks Dance Company was the only one of its kind at its conception, and spent many years showing audiences, agents and venues that they go the extra mile, to embody the highest levels of professionalism and presentation.

As a result FireWorks Dance Company was responsible for inspiring the influx of fire artists we now have in Australia today. Australia is lucky to have such a large number of fire professionals, enough to rival most other countries in the world.


Fire Dragon Dance - Djinn & Vyvyan (Stage show & roving entertainment)

The oldest and most dangerous of the fire arts, fire breathing and fire swallowing have been around since the dawn of civilization. Nothing quite compares to the explosive force of a fire ball streaming into the air, a force you can not only see, but feel...

If this show was a pizza, you could say it has 'The Lot'. Fire Dragon Dance is available as a solo or duo show and you get the fire breathing and fire eating combined with fire dance all in the one package. Djinn and Vyvyan play, lick, eat and co-noodle with the fire to execute seemingly impossible feats. They get the audience involved while they dare each other to perform more and more dangerous stunts. The audience's reaction to these real-life human dragons is as spectacular as the stunts themselves!

Circus inspired costuming and make up designs are combined with stunning visual effects such as Fire breathing, Fire eating, Fire Staves, Fire Poi and Fire Maces.


Fire Belly Dance - Zefirah and Celestina (Stage show & roving entertainment)

Fire Belly Dance is a specialty of Zefirah and is a unique and modern interpretation of an ancient dance from the Middle East.

Highly detailed costuming and exotic make up designs are combined with stunning visual effects such as Fire fans, Fire swords, Fire cauldron and ‘Palms of fire’ for a Belly dance experience like no other. The mix of traditional and modern is also reflected in the musical accompaniment with either contemporary Arabic tracks or live Arabic percussion. This show is virtually unique and has proven to be an audience favourite over many years for obvious reasons….be it the shimmy or the sizzle.

Dance styles available: Traditional Egyptian, Tribal, Gothic, Contemporary, Fusion, Bollywood, Cabaret.


Moulin Rouge Fire - Zefirah and Celestina (Stage show & roving entertainment)

Let the windmill wings of the Moulin Rouge embrace you in this fire show with a sexy twist. Zefirah, your femme fatale at the helm steers you through the delights of Parisian Cabaret dance combined with dangerous fire-eating techniques and fire pois (ahem…or “fire whips” if your venues got the space).

This cheeky show is fully clothed with a burlesque feel and Zefirah runs the fire over different parts of her body. Ooh la la. The show includes some audience participation and clients can nominate audience members to receive special attention.

Sacré bleu! This ‘one of a kind’ show is the hottest new act in town and the Crème de la crème of innovative fire entertainment.


The Freak Show - Djinn & Vyvyan (Stage show & roving entertainment)

The good old days of the side show are back and so are the cringe-factor acts that made people squeam and squirm.

Renowned for it’s extreme fireballs and daredevil antics, The Freak Show either as a solo with sexy assistant or duo, takes the audience on a dicey ride that may or may not end up in tears….of joy hopefully.

In The Freak Show a number of dangerous acts are on show such as Fire swallowing, Fakir (body transfer and trailing), Fire breathing, Angle grinding and the ever popular Bed of Nails. Throw in a bit of circus tomfoolery and you have a show that confounds and delights with thrills, chills and down right madness.

Include other dangerous acts, being walked on & even being stood on, then you have a nail biting & squeamy display of will power.


Erebus (Stage show)

Erebus is like a descent into a carnival of the under-world, where audiences are submerged in a sweltering frenzy of fire circus and dance

Erebus welcomes you with fiery fun and games before launching into a fire storm of swirling flames and radiant fire balls. In keeping with the temperature on stage, Erebus is choreographed to a scorching soundtrack that fused together, produces the ultimate fire experience.

Erebus is available as a 3, 4 or 5 piece show with a range of stunning fire effects. Pyrotechnic effects and displays can also be added to Erebus that are fully designed and produced in-house for a show like no other.

High energy with a furious pace, Erebus makes the perfect memorable opening or grand finale and is guaranteed to leave an impression. Just ask anybody who has been in the front row of a show!


Pyrorhythmic (Stage show)

For the past decade, Pyrorhythmic has continued to wow crowds all over Australia, and despite imitators, still sets the benchmark for this form of show.

Pyrorhythmic harks back to the early days of fire dance when the founding crew would organize huge beach parties, attracting pyros and drummers from all over the country. This amazing vibe and feel was captured by Pyrorhythmic and brought to the general public where it's been a consistent hit ever since. And no wonder, with a combination of the finest African, Afro Cuban and Arabic drummers in concert with tribal fire dance from around the globe.

Available as a 6, 7 or 8 piece show, Pyrorhythmic is packed with a range of stunning fire effects. Pyrotechnic effects and displays can also be added that are fully designed and produced in-house for a show that packs a real punch.

Pyrorhythmic is a journey into a world of pounding rhythms and sensual fire, making for the perfect feature show at any event.


The Secret Cabaret (Stage show)

"Dark and twisted comedy, seductive dance, hip hop shenanigans, strangely romantic freaks and hardcore circus"

The Secret Cabaret can only be described as a trip back to the days of the circus sideshow with a touch of Vegas thrown into the mix. Presented is the cream of the substantial catalogue of The Secret Cabaret’s performances...with a few surprises along the way. Everything old is new again and so it is with circus cabaret, as this genre of entertainment makes a come back.

The Secret Cabaret has an eclectic selection of characters, full of sensual dance, edgy circus, crazy side show and mischievous shenanigans. Since setting the trend for this genre in 2002, The Secret Cabaret has played to great acclaim at recent Melbourne Fringe Festivals and at The Famous Spiegeltent.

The Secret Cabaret has, dance, circus, comedy, music, freak show and many other elements that are great for a themed event or festival. With many unique acts devised by the cabaret’s creative team, The Secret Cabaret is the cutting edge in live entertainment today.

"A heady mix of danger, artistry and freakishness" - The Age


Athra Teller of Fortunes (roving entertainment)

Ever had a Gypsy read your cards? Be entertained and entranced with forecasts of your future. With many years of experience and highly attuned skills, Fortune Telling makes for a highly entertaining and unique addition to your event.

Theming is supplied so you can set them up anywhere and be guaranteed that they will look the part. With special decks and readings for teens and children, Fortune Telling engages people from all ages, from all walks of life.

Bring the magic of tarot and fortune-telling to your audience for an experience that will entertain, amaze and get everyone talking!


One Skin World Percussion (Stage show & roving entertainment)

One Skin is a unique musical group that combines the driving rhythms of live percussion from Africa, Latin America and the Middle East.

One Skins live percussion professionals can be accompanied by African, Middle Eastern and Samba dancers to provide an authentic cultural experience. The combination of ethnic dance and its traditional music transports the audience into the culture and mystique of these art forms. The deep rhythm of the drums awakens the primal instincts within us all and the audience is drawn into the music with bells, calls and chanting to create a positive hive of fun and creativity.

Some of their instruments include: Djembe, Dun Dun, Darabouka, Conga, Talking drum, Tambourines, Shakers.


Azah Ancient Belly Dance – Zefirah and Celestina (Stage show & roving entertainment)

Belly dance experts Zefirah and Celestina, push the pre-conceived boundaries of Middle Eastern dance into new dimensions. Azah integrates a sense of drama, emotion, texture, line, light and shade into their shows to deepen the audience's experience of Belly dance.

Azah's array of unique props such as head-balancing swords, canes, butterfly flag poi, veils, zills and stage wings; along with their technical skills will shock, delight and capture your guests within an exotic web of awe.

Azah can provide many different styles: Traditional Egyptian, Tribal, Gothic, Contemporary, Fusion, Bollywood, Gypsy or Cabaret. Azah delights in requests for audience participation and provides extra hip scarves and veils (at no extra cost) for the audience to get involved. The focus is on letting go of inhibitions and setting a happy and relaxed tone to any event.


Pyrotechnic Effects

The FireWorks crew contains a number of fully qualified and licensed pyrotechnicians which can be used in a variety of ways.

Firstly all fire shows (or any of our shows for that matter) can now have theatrical pyrotechnics such as flame projectors, fountain showers, mine bursts, etc. added to them for a visual experience like no other. Infact fire shows like Pyrorhythmic and Erebus both have pyrotechnic versions available that are fully choreographed and integrated into a show verging on a rock concert stage spectacular.

Secondly, the FireWorks pyrotechnicians can offer stage and film pyrotechnic effects such as fire arms effects, explosions, burning effects, etc. and consultancy services for tour shows and filming locations.

Finally, there is the good old sky show fireworks display which with a FireWorks twist, have a colour and spectacle that certainly leaves a lasting impression.

Pyrotechnics or fireworks are a high light at any event or for any production. Large aerial displays, theatrical shows and special effects are all available and can be used as a stand-alone feature or added to a FireWorks Dance Company fire performance shows if desired. Some of the effects that can be used include Flame pots or Fireballs, Fountains or Gerbs, Mines, Pyrotechnic signs, flash effects and a large variety of shells for outdoor aerial displays.

All insurance, risk assessments, permits and trained staff are provided as required on all displays. Pyrotechnics are ideal for:

• Outdoor fireworks displays

• Stage show effects for theatre and music acts

• Film and TV special effects

• Chinese New Year celebrations

• Product launches


Fire Effects & Sculptures

Fire effects and Fire sculptures are an amazing way to create a feature at an event or as a marketing tool. Fire effects are also perfect for film, TV and theatrical productions as set pieces or as special effects for that real fire look.

Fire signs and sculptures use fire to create a design which is lit to reveal the design. The flames are real fire, in natural flame or coloured flame if desired. Fire effects can vary but commonly have a burn time of up to 10 minutes. Fire signs are re-usable and the effect can be replicated over and over again.

Although primarily for outdoor use, some fireworks and fire effects are safe to use in some indoor environments however they still release some noxious gases and should be ventilated well. Some options available include:

• 2D and 3D, vertical or horizontal event installation

• Stage show effects

• Film and TV effects

• Ceremonial pyres

• Logo, name and text display

• Pictorial display

• Coloured flames available


The Great Wall of Fire

The Great Wall of Fire is a unique, free standing, real fire, theatrical effect that re-creates a fire front in complete safety.

Flexible in use and application, The Great Wall of Fire can be used as a stage prop or special effect. Some applications are as an on-stage perimeter effect, event entrance feature or film and TV set effect. Some features of The Great Wall of Fire include availability of natural or coloured flames, 25 metres long and can climb stairs, geometric shapes and patterns are possible, speedy assembly and disassembly and a 3 to 7 minute burn time that can be re-created over and over again.

Although primarily an outdoor effect, The Great Wall of Fire is safe to use in some indoor environments with adequate ventilation. If looking for a feature effect to add something special to an event, The Great Wall of Fire is the perfect way to leave a burning impression.


Workshops in Fire & Circus

Fully qualified teachers share their wealth of fire twirling and circus experience with you.

Fireworks trainers have the professionalism and industry experience to deliver first class tuition to anyone; from the curious beginner, to hardcore circus devotees. Our trainers live and breathe their profession; all with extensive teaching experience including Circus Oz, Melbourne University, CAE, Victorian Arts Centre, secondary schools, primary schools and regional festivals.

FireWorks Dance Company artists teach private lessons when they’re not training and performing. Private tuition is ideal for those who want one-on-one or small group tuition. Beginners may find a private session less intimidating and thrive with the undivided attention that our trainers can provide. Professionals are also welcome to expand their skills, choreography and artistic direction. You can tailor what you learn in a variety of disciplines and specifically to what you want. Classes are subject to trainer availability. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Circus, dance & percussion workshops are also a great way for school students to develop their co-ordination, team building & motor skills. We have specially structured programs for all age groups & educational needs that are sure to add fun to the curriculum & broaden the scope of physical education.

FireWorks Dance Company has fool proof exercises for team building outcomes, motivational tasks and tricky challenges, all aimed at making your team work like a well oiled machine. We start with a fun warm up to get your body into gear, and then move onto a range of activities that are catered to your needs. Great for fitness, stress relief and filling in breaks between meetings and conferences.