Experience the thrilling and dangerously seductive art of fire performance. Delivered by Sacred Circus as elegant evening entertainment, roving fire eaters, fire dance stage shows, feature fire podium acts, high fire on stilts, or as a flaming meet and greet welcoming.

Be amazed by the flaming hula hoop girls, wandering fire swallowers and fire adorned mystics as costumed performers indulge in their luring and brazen acts.

Inspired by their practice in the visual arts, firey features become sensory journey to experience, alive in the beauty of elegant wearable fire, and elaborate costume design, and framed by an impressive collection of flaming sculptural installations.

Whatever your vision, you can depend on Sacred Circus to perform a striking visual display, capturing the fusion of light and dance to perform a dynamic contemporary spectacular. Hot, hot, hot!


? Welcoming Fire Acts

? Roving Fire Eaters

? Freestyle Fire Dancers

? Podium & Feature Acts

? Sacred Circus Firey Packages

Welcoming Fire Acts- Where first impressions count! Give your guests a welcoming to remember with our fire girls flanked at the entrance to your venue, or entertaining guests as they arrive.

Roving Fire Eaters- Heat up your event with our spicy fire-eaters! Weaving their way amongst your guests, they perform a variety of ‘up close and personal’ firey tricks including fire ‘swallowing’, fire fans, and a variety of wearable fire costuming ideas.

Freestyle Fire Dancers-Our fire performers are skilled at performing with a large range of flaming toys. Watch us manipulate flaming chains, fire staves, fire hula hoops, fans, and our own unique collection of other fire toys! Selecting the most suitable equipment for your specific event, freesyle formats allow our dancers the freedom to complement your chosen venue, theme and preferences.

Podium & Feature Fire Acts-Consider adding a burst of fire during the evening with our faming hula hoop and fire fan dancers. Upon podiums, inside water fountains, or at your chosen location we perform single acts lasting 3minutes, or multiple short burst burns throughout the evening. For a higher impact, opt for our 10-15minute feature fire show, packed full of all the good bits!

Sacred Circus Firey Packages-Our fire entertainers are available to perform a combination of your firey choices throughout the evening including short cirque style acts, ‘meet and greet’, feature acts or roving artistry. Contact us for a quote today and to discuss your ideas.