Many organizations today have turned to workplace innovation programs in the conviction that creativity is one key to competitive survival. And organizations know their ability to innovate lies in the creativity and abilities of their people. The individual needs to understand and adopt internal thinking processes that increase the potential for new thinking. Organizations have to do the same.

Diva, voice teacher, speaker and performer Tania de Jong AM, will help participants to find and free their natural voice in this inspiring workshop for anybody who needs to communicate and present more effectively. This is a brilliant team building activity designed to heighten wellbeing, creativity, emotional expression and self awareness. Make your presence felt through sound. Hear yourself become a leader. Be aware of the sounds others are making when they communicate. Learn to lead and follow through the sense of sound!!

The workshop will offer a powerful leadership development experience in which you will discover your own voice; learn to use it effectively to lead and to experience the application and importance of voice in presenting, influencing and being heard.

Learn to sing in harmony together and transform your team through the power of music and the human voice. You can even write a special song and sing it together!

NB. Tania is one of Australia's leading singers and will talk about creativity and leadership perform a song or two to entertain and inspire at the start of the session.

"I felt uncontrollably joyous!" Australia Cares Conference

"It brought the group so much closer together; the room was tingling with our combined energy." Participant from Macquarie Bank

"I could not stop my lips from turning upwards and smiling during the session! It made me feel so happy and alive!" Participant from Accenture

"It was truly amazing to hear everyone singing in a manner none of them thought possible! Finding the key event to launch a day of creative and innovative thinking was not easy however we 'nailed' it with Finding Your Voice." Centro Properties Group - Marketing Managers Conference

"I was the facilitator for the annual planning workshop for a consulting firm. Everybody was contributing, and all were involved in the discussions. Then Tania came in for her session with the team. She took them to a higher level; she got people in touch with deeper places inside themselves, and released the energy...something special was radiated within the room – it was joyous to see everyone finding their potential, being creative and expressing themselves in ways that they never would have imagined possible. It took them beyond their previous limitations." Geoff Hopkins – Principal, Holistique

Tania de Jong AM

Tania is the co-founder and artistic director of Pot-Pourri and of Music Theatre Australia . A graduate of the University of Melbourne (LL.B. Hons.), and the Victorian College of the Arts (Opera, Music Theatre and Voice), Tania is considered one of Australia’s most talented sopranos. In 2006 Tania received the Ernst and Young Australian Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award for her work with The Song Room. Tania’s other awards include the “Outstanding Individual Contribution to Australian Culture”, Churchill Fellowship and the Accessibility Award in The Melbourne Awards. She was a finalist in the Telstra Business Women’s Awards and has recently been inducted into the AGSE Entrepreneurs Hall of Fame. Tania is on the Board of Child Abuse Prevention and Research Australia. She was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia in June 2008 for service to the arts. She has recently founded Creativity Australia to bring wellbeing and creative leadership and thinking into organisations and communities.