The Fabulous Rhythm Boys have consistently delighted Australian audiences with their stylish, amusing tributes to the great swing artists and the musical theatre of the 30s and 40s. Their close harmonies, witty dance routines and impeccable musicianship have kept them constantly in demand both as a classy cabaret act and an uproarious dance band, irresistible to old and young alike. Bandleader Drew Anthony headlines the all-singing, all swinging, all tap dancing band combined with the deliciously sultry bombshell Leonie Page and the talented and gorgeous Sean Mulligan. All of this with the added bonus on the hottest 7-piece 'nouveau' swing band in Australia.

The Fabulous Rhythm Boys have thrilled audiences all over Australia and internationally. The King of Thailand even commanded their performance to open the incredible Peninsula Hotel in Bangkok (he even played a little sax during the performance). From major events, to corporate dinners, to a more intimate cabaret environment - FRB covers all bases and adapts seamlessly to each client's specific needs.

FRB can include: Cocktail piano during entrees. A mellow piano and bass duo during the main course, and a piano, bass, drums and sax crooning during dessert. The exciting FRB show is featuring all of your favourite tunes. The stunning tap/drum routine to thrill your guests and an upbeat hour of groovy swing music will get your guests on the dance floor.

Special add ons include:

The Brent St Kids: Sydney's amazing troupe of the most talented kids imaginable. They sing, they dance - they are awesome!!

The Fab Brothers - 6 of the sexiest male dancers in Australia. They tap, they tease, and they’re terrific!! These guys will dazzle with a slick, sexy performance of high-energy tap or pop dance.