Presenting the BIGGEST guys in show business today:

Perhaps you saw them at the Sydney Olympics or the Singapore street festival or in your local doughnut shop, the fabulous Fat Brothers have to be seen to be believed. Standing at 9 foot tall and 5 foot wide, the Fat Brothers deliver the laughs, when the skinny guys give up.

A highly visually stunning act combined with music (inside the costumes!) making one of the best stilt duos, roving show-acts in the world. From a worldwide wardrobe of Elvis, Santa, Hawaiian, Security...

You've seen the rest, now see the fattest!

Deep Frisk Security

Need a bit of Security at your next function?

The fabulous fat brothers will not only provide this service, but will personally strip search every guest as well as eat all your food (only joking of course). These characters are great to meet and greet your guests, adding humour and extravagance from the word go.