Introducing Felix, the Magical Musician, and Scarlett, his beloved Flying Tart presenting, ‘A Suspended Love Story’ to you in this ten-minute aerial serenade of skill, spills and surprise. Blasting off in 2000, this new show is a collaboration of aerial expression from Zoe Ellis and Kate Reid.

Zoe Ellis

Back home in Australia after epic circus adventures o/s. She has performed in the U.K., Ireland, France, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, India, Thailand, and Australia. Zoe has worked with the English aerial theatre company ‘Skinning the Cat’ since 1997. Infamous throughout Europe, S.T.C. has been established and touring their ornate aerial spectaculars for ten years. Zoe has returned to Australia to create her own suspended animation and flying contraptions for glamorously touring this continent.

Kate Reid –

Accordionist, cellist, aerialist artist, and Hula-hoop spinner, Kate's major ambition in life is to be able to simultaneously spin, swing, play cello and dance a tango. After founding her own company ‘Circus Entroupe’ in 1994, Kate went on to join ‘Rock’n’Roll Circus’ in 1997 and toured the desert with ‘Circus Monoxide’ in 2000. Kate is currently cruising the country as a freelance performer and street artist, and attempting to down grade her life to one accordion and a small backpack.

Electric Dollhouse, bringing you innovative aerial animation is enjoyed by any audience. Staging eccentric suspended fantasies, displaying musical images of eloquence that leave you giggling. It’s Electriflying!!