French percussionist Stephan “El nino” started playing in Queensland in 2004. Blending African drumming and Latin conga styles makes his performances adapt to any music in a new way that will resonate deep into the souls of the dancing crowds. The temperature will rise all the more as Electro / House is coming out of the decks.

Having played in Brisbane and the Gold Coast’s hottest music festivals such as “Future Music Festival”, “Oceans30”, “BBQ Breaks” and clubs including “The MET”, “GPO”, “Empire” and “Ruby Tramp” to name a few, El nino has induced ear-gasms, toe-tapping and hip-spasms in more people than one could count to, now reaching as far as Melbourne (@ “Revolver”), Sydney (@ “Beck’s Berlin Sessions”) and back home in New Caledonia. The list of DJs that El nino has accompanied also stretches out to include the vast majority of Electro / House DJs in Queensland as well as internationals from all around the globe.

Whatever the occasion for going out clubbing, the hot resonance of Stephan Elmosnino A.K.A The El Nino effect will turn up the temperature with sizzling percussions and drum beats. Just like his namesake, his alluring and almost hypnotic beat patterns will leave you breathless and wet with perspiration.