Conference speaker and social commentator

Dr Keith Suter is a conference speaker and social commentator with particular expertise in strategic planning. As Foreign Affairs Editor on Channel 7's 'Sunrise' program, Keith Suter is the resident expert on international issues affecting Australian business and society. Suter's commentary reflects the wealth of experience he has in a variety of fields.

Respected and selected

As a respected thinker and communicator, Dr Keith Suter is often selected as a speaker on global issues. He is Senior Fellow, Global Business Network Australia and the Executive Director of National Goals and Directions - Dr Keith Suter's thinking is a valuable addition to this think tank working on Australia's future.

Consultant on social policy

Keith Suter is a Consultant on Social Policy at Wesley Mission, Sydney, Consultant to Aged and Community Services (NSW), Health Services Association (NSW) and the Conflict Resolution Network. It is difficult to understand how he manages to fulfil so many commitments, but his standing among his peers proves he does fulfil them admirably.

Career and credits

Dr Keith Suter has so many career credits, it is difficult to list them all. Among other top level positions, his positions include:

- Director of Studies, International Law Association (Australian Branch).

- Chairperson, International Humanitarian Law Committee of Australian Red Cross (NSW)

- Chairperson, International Commission of Jurists (NSW)

With such a wealth of knowledge and experience, Keith Suter is a fascinating speaker.