Renowned peak performance specialist Dr Ann Quinn has helped many of Australia’s top athletes attain outstanding success from Pat Cash and Pat Rafter to Essendon Football Club and World Champions and Olympic medallists. She is now coaching high achievers in all walks of life to become the CEO of their own lives: C – Conquer Stress, E- Energise themselves and O – Organise their lives. Ann is Director of Quinnessential Coaching and she also teaches Performance Psychology at Melbourne University and continues to consult and lecture all over the world.

Ann traveled the tennis circuit for more than 10 years working with many top tennis players, as well as training elite athletes in many different sports. She was also formerly Health and Fitness Director of the Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy in Florida. Ann has been honoured with many awards including the NSCA Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year, Australian Sports Medal, 2002 Professional Tennis Registry Plagenhoef Sport Science Award, and the 2002 International Tennis Federation Award for services to the game in coaching.

Ann has a Ph.D. in Psychology, (Melbourne) M.Sc. in Biomechanics, (Illinois) Ba.App.Sc in Human Movement, (RMIT) Dip Ed., (Melbourne) and Dip Nutr. (London). She is a member of the ITF Coaches Commission and the Women’s Tennis Association Age Eligibility Panel and has also written, co-authored and edited several coaching publications.

Ann’s unique combination of skills, coaching, consulting and lecturing have taken her all over the world where she has gained a wealth of experience helping people from all walks of life reach their quintessential potential. She has been a guest speaker in USA, UK and Australia, and has lectured in Russia, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Africa, Canada, Singapore, Fiji, Thailand and South Africa.

Let Ann help you create a winning game plan for an extraordinary life. Be all you can be and play to win. Live the quintessential life.