Donna has a unique ability to cut through the mysterious and often confusing “Techno-babble” that usually accompanies anything to do with IT.

Enhanced by her great sense of humour and easy-going manner, Donna’s presentations communicate information in language we can all understand and in a way that has lasting impact. Donna Hanson is one of Australia’s most sought after experts on the subject of technology training.

Her must-see presentations positively impact on the bottom-line performance of any business, providing audiences with essential strategies to help them get the most from technology. Since founding her own business in 1996, Donna has seen Prime Solutions grow to be one of the country’s premier boutique computer training providers. Working with companies such as BMW, Village Roadshow, Holden, and CPA Australia, as well as many state and local government departments, Donna and her team have built an enviable reputation for transforming technology-related issues into easy-to-implement solutions. Presentation and Workshop Topics Donna’s presentations vary in length from 30 to 90 minute keynotes or concurrent sessions and can also be extended to half or full-day workshops. Donna’s topics include: ? Using Technology to Market Your Business Instead of trying to “Push” market to your customers have you tried “Pull” marketing? This session focuses on six low to NO cost activities that ANYONE can do to drive prospects to your business. ? Using Email to Market Your Business Designed for small business, this session covers HOW to use email to market your business to customers and prospects without taking up hours of your time. Find out why many businesses are moving to Pull marketing, what level of email marketing you need for your business, how what you send could win or lose you business and tips and strategies to get your prospects calling YOU! ?

Email: Are You Sabotaging Your Business Success?? Do you sometimes feel like a slave to your Inbox? When at your computer, do you feel like all you seem to do is send and receive emails? Would you like to turn your email into a productive part of your professional tool kit? Then this session is a MUST! Find out how you can avoid Email Sabotaging Your Success ? Excel & Word – Productivity Power UNPLUGGED! You don’t know what you don’t much time are you losing as a result of not knowing about the hidden capabilities of Excel & Word. This presentation removes the mystery and shows you how to capitalise on Excel & Word’s many features to TURBO CHARGE your productivity. ? How Technology can Grow or Blow Your Business – Get on Board or Get Left Behind! Does it feel like your competitors are getting the jump on you? Does technology seem to change faster than you can blink? Sticking your head in the sand and hoping technology will go away just doesn’t cut it. This session is a MUST to bring you up to speed with how technology could be blowing your business and what to do about it!

* CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) is the highest international accreditation awarded by the National Speakers Association. Just 565 professional speakers and topic authorities have earned this certification as of 31 December 2008: Source USA NSA